There’s no such thing as Junk, only stuff that hasn’t found the right person!

That’s the idea behind swapXchange, a simple, innovative idea that encourages reuse and the exchange of goods, ideas and information in your community.

You can swap or giveaway something that has been gathering dust. Why not put it to good use and swap it for something you do want! You can look for something you want instead, swap goods for help with DIY or gardening or just give it away. Is up to you!

ITS FREE, you don’t have to have something to swap and you could find the things you were always meant to have!

There are sites setting up all over the UK and this site aims to link these sites and users together, providing useful links, ideas and experiences. We can also help you to set up a swapXchange site in your area, see Consultancy for more information.

To find out more go to About Us, or email us for more information. Give your stuff a new lease of life, have fun and happy swapping!

think global, keep it local