There’s no such thing as junk – only stuff which
hasn’t found the right person!

That’s our belief and why we set up this site to help you find the stuff that was meant for you! Its all about finding creative solutions to your needs.

This site will help you to dispose of items that you don’t need anymore – and maybe to find something that you do need at the same time! It will also save you from discarding stuff just because you don’t know what to do with it. As well as finding ‘new to you’ items you can also exchange ideas, information and services, such as swapping an item you no longer need for some help in your garden or whatever else you need, its up to you!

It’s Free!
There is no charge to use SwapXchange and everything that you find advertised here is offered as a swap or a giveaway.

SwapXchange is a service for the whole of the UK. People are always asking us what they can do with stuff that they no longer need. Now, you can use SwapXchange to find someone who wants it – so it doesn’t end up in the rubbish! Eventually, we hope
that every area will have its own swapXchange or similar site, but in the meantime you can use the national site to find or giveaway your items, time or advice.

Recycling at its most useful!
You can place an ad to swap almost anything – or give it away! You can also place a wanted ad, even if you have nothing to swap! People need to dispose of many different
things that they don’t want to throw out and we have found that many are often happy to just give them away – look for giveaway on the ads. You will need to arrange collection or delivery yourselves.

You might buy a flash new mobile phone – but your old one may still be useful to someone who might just want a basic phone for emergencies – even if it doesn’t play fancy ringtones! Perhaps you’ve recently got a digital radio – but your old analogue model could be useful to someone who wants to listen to the footie in their shed! Or maybe your lawnmower has conked out – place an ad on the site and you may find a replacement! Or perhaps you need help with your garden in exchange for some of your home grown veggies, or you need help with your DIY for a couple of bottles of wine, pretty much anything goes!

Please think about the environmental impact of your swap and try and keep extra travel to a minimum. Can you get someone to collect or post the item to you? Is
someone visiting the area and can collect it for you? Try putting a wanted travel ad on the site. As long as its legal, you can swap pretty much anything, the only limit is your imagination…

How To Advertise
Use the form provided to place your ad – it couldn’t be easier! Just click on Place Ad and simply fill in the details!

Here are some example ads, just to give you an idea:

SONY CMD-J70 MOBILE PHONE – Full working order, no sim card, includes charger & battery – swap for any PlayStation 2 games.
Contact: Ian on 01865 111111 or [email protected]

70’s DISCO SINGLES – Approx. 200 vinyl 45s from the decade that style forgot – free to anyone who wants them & is willing to collect.
Contact: Jeff on 01225 000000 or [email protected]

WANTED – OLD TYPEWRITER – Amateur theatre company needs a thirties – style typewriter for upcoming production.
Contact: Bill on 01227 111111 or [email protected]

Take a look at the Small Print This gives you more detail about what your advert can contain, and also information to protect you.

Successful Swap?
When you make an exchange or find what you were looking for PLEASE don’t forget to tell us! Then we can delete your ad, so people won’t keep trying to getin touch with you. You will also be letting us know how useful SwapXchange is. We’d love to know about your exchanges. Just click on Remove Ad & fill in the form. Or email us at:
[email protected]

This site is yours! If you have any questions, please let us know. Or, you may have a suggestion to make the site even better! Either way, you can contact us at:
[email protected] or if you have a spare moment, please fill in our Feedback form. Any comments we get from you will be very welcome and we always try and use your ideas.