About Us

About Us

The idea behind SwapXchange is to help you swap, exchange, find or giveaway ideas, goods or services that are no longer needed by you but that may be wanted by someone else.

SwapXchange seeks to actively encourage small, social businesses working in local communities to increase their capacity and reduce their waste! We also hope to pass on information about national initiatives for charities, volunteering, recycling and events and things you can do cheaply or for free. Let us know if you have an event or opportunity you would like us to advertise for you.

Ultimately, we hope that every area will have its own SwapXchange site, so that everyone can get what they want locally and we can help to reduce items going to landfill. However, we recognise that for now at least, there is a gap in the areas that have their own site.
Even if you do have a local site, it may help to look further afield to find out what’s going on nationally.

To find out more go to Swapping You can place an ad by filling in our Place Ad form. When you have swapped or found your stuff use the handy Remove Ad form.

We also want to hear your ideas, queries and wild and wacky swap stories. Email us with any of the above!