Small Print

Small Print

  1. SwapXchange exists for the use of private individuals, voluntary groups, clubs and local organisations. It may not be used for any commercial purpose or benefit, or for profit.
  2. You may use SwapXchange to advertise most things – as long as they are within the law! Any ads that are undesirable won’t be posted on the site. This may include copyrighted material, such as home-made CDs/DVDs.
  3. SwapXchange will not advertise anything that encourages racism, bigotry, religious hatred or discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation or political beliefs. SwapXchange will not place adverts which contain material that may be obscene, libellous or defamatory, or that may infringe peoples rights.
  4. SwapXchange does not offer a meeting or collection point. Its up to you to make the arrangements for delivery or collection.
  5. Information for goods must be accurate and must not be misrepresented.
    Goods must also be “as described.” If something is described as in working order, then it must work! A solid oak table must be solid oak – not chipboard and veneer! Don’t worry if something needs a bit of work, many people are happy to fix something that they want!

Remember- SwapXchange cannot check your swaps for you.

If in doubt,always ask for a demonstration before making your exchange.If any item is swapped under false pretences, the arrangement becomes void and items should be returned to their original owner.

Safe swapping
Please be safe and make sure that you have some information about people before you let them into your house. Its sensible to get a tracable, home telephone
number or have someone with you when they call.

SwapXchange is open to all. Because of this, SwapXchange have no control over people who use the site, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any goods advertised on SwapXchange, including the condition they may be in, or for any difficulties or injuries which may occur from their use.

However, please remember to use the site in the spirit it is meant and have fun!