SwapXchange UK is about networking and linking all the existing swap sites around the country together. Whether you are a small community group, a recycling service or a Local Authority, we can offer you a complete service, from initial advice and information through to technical know how and helping you set up your own site. You will receive ideas, support, information, reports and advice from our experienced and helpful team.

You can join the SwapXchange network even if you did not set up your swap site with us, and benefit from networking, support and advice.

Our Development Consultant, Ellie Dale, researched, created, set up and maintained the original, award winning Swap It site for Bath and North East Somerset.
Taking a simple, original idea from an email exchange, Ellie developed the idea into the national site you see today. “The real strength of SwapXchange is its simplicity,” says Ellie. “And it is by working with and running sites and helping others to set up their own sites that I have gained a unique insight into how they work. We hope to take this simple idea onwards and upwards by linking swap sites round the country together, to open up networking opportunities, creative ideas and strengthen the work and the ethos of SwapXchange.”

Our Web Designer Tony Howell has been with us from the start. He runs his own web design company based in Somerset. ‘I like simple design – up to date but easily understood. So many websites are either all text, ghastly colours or superfluous graphics that annoy rather than impress!’ He has won two awards for his web design.

We also have a dedicated team of Editors, Proof Readers, Programmers, Volunteers and Site Users, who provide a strong support service with different ideas and suggestions to help keep the site fresh and easy to use.

If you would like to receive more information on our services, membership, costs and what is involved, please email us at [email protected]